Drone Pilot Network HDPN

guaranteed work for drone pilots


Here at HySurv we are always looking to build upon our ever growing network of drone pilots.

By joining HySurv’s Drone Pilot Network (HDPN) you will be part of creating the most diverse, professional and secure drone pilot network in the UK.

You will have the opportunity to operate drones in the most exciting and restricted areas, From national landmarks to international airports. 

As a drone pilot you will be the beating heart of HySurv, representing HySurv on site and networking with our clients. Because of this, we are focused on helping you grow as a pilot, offering free training, which means you will have chance to learn new skills from industry experts.

What you will get once you've joined the network

  • Instant access to our Job Management system where you will see all the active jobs and have the flexibility on what you want to accept. (region based).
  • Free training by industry experts on what data to capture.
  • Full access to our inspection platform, where you will upload the drone footage.
  • Full access to the operational flight exemptions we have secured from the Civil Aviation Authority.

You will be paid per survey and can complete multiple surveys in a day. All drone pilots that are apart of the HDPN will have the same fixed rate to keep a fair non competitive network.

Play your part on digitalising the physical world!

Click the “Register Here” button to become a member of the HySurv Drone Pilot Network!